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Writing Exercise: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Here's a hgh supplements writing exercise designed to get your mind flowing with images and back story. All you need is a photo, painting or image. Choose images that don't tell the story for you, but evoke a mood or feeling. (We got our sample picture from our friends at GetItGear.com. You can find other wacky photography there.) Take a few deep breaths, and look at the image. Notice the colors, the shapes and mood. Now set your watch or timer. Your job is to write a natural hgh story that either leads up to the image in the photo, or starts with the image in the photo. Write for at least 15 minutes. Where does the human growth hormone image take you? What characters exist in this world? What are they doing? What do the characters mean to each other? Does the picture evoke memories of a distant time gone by or a dream? Let your imagination go wild.